Robert, Claude, Limoge, Aymé and Stinus, Luis. Transcranial electrical stimulation (Limoge’s currents) potentiates the inhibition of righting reflex induced by droperidol in rats. Brain Research. 822(10-2):132-141, 1999. (France)

The effects of CES on droperidol-treated rats were evaluated using the righting reflex latency (RRL) test. CES was shown to potentiate the inhibition of righting reflex induced by droperidol. This potentiation was found to depend on the dose of the drug, the characteristics of the current delivered and the duration of stimulation. The author’s also observed that CES induced potentiation of inhibition of righting reflex produced by droperidol injection was not reversed after naltrexone administration, or when measures were performed on pchlorophenylalanine (pCPA)-treated animals. These results suggest that, under the experimental conditions: (i) CES does not interact with endogenous opioids to potentiate droperidol effects, (ii) the effect of CES on dopaminergic system prevails against CES action on serotonergic system. Though these findings enlarge the comprehension of CES effects on the central nervous system, further investigations are necessary to elucidate CES mechanisms.