Dougherty, P.M., Dong, W.Q., Faillace, L.A. and Dafny, N. Transcranial electrical stimulation attenuates abrupt morphine withdrawal in rats assayed by remote computerized quantification of multiple motor behavior indices. Eur J Pharmacol. 175:187-95, 1990. (Netherlands)

The goal of the present study was to assess the effects of CES on the behavioral signs of the abrupt withdrawal syndrome of rats. However, this goal also necessitated the introduction of an experimental model measuring animal behavior for prolonged periods of time using a computerized animal activity monitoring system to quantify spontaneous motor activities associated with abstinence behavior. Comparable withdrawal severity was obtained by both the activity monitoring system and investigator observation of motor signs of abstinence behavior. Moreover, using this system we demonstrate a time-dependent effect of electrical stimulation in reducing the severity of various indices of motor hyperactivity associated with abrupt morphine withdrawal in rats.