Hornstein, S.R., Filho, R.A., Toledo, M. and Spirck, C.N. Preliminary data on a new method for lithium therapy. Rev Bras Pesqui Med Biol. 10:249-54, 1977. (Brazil)

Lithium therapy was assessed using CES on two dogs. Cotton swabs soaked in an aqueous isotonic lithium chloride solution were placed over the eyes and mastoids of the dogs, and connected to the CES apparatus. In 2 minutes, sleep was induced in both dogs, at 500 µA on the intensity scale (which runs 1 to 9 mA). After 2 hours, the apparatus was turned off. One of the dogs was put under continuous observation, and the other one was sacrificed. Parts of it’s cortex, subcortex, and cerebellum were processed and fragments were assayed spectrophotometrically for Lithium. Lithium was found in all the material examined. These results suggest a possible technique for Lithium therapy using CES, the ion being carried directly to the CNS, avoiding systemic toxicity caused by oral administration.