Wilson, A.S., Reigel, D., Unger, G.F., Larson, S.J. and Sances Jr., A. Gastric secretion before and after electrotherapeutic sleep in executive monkeys. In Wageneder, F.M. and St. Schuy (Eds.), Electrotherapeutic Sleep and Electroanesthesia. Vol. II, Amsterdam, Excerpta Medica, Pp. 198-206, 1970.

The authors produced a demonstrable increase in gastric acid secretion as a result of learned avoidance behavior in 6 stump-tailed macaques. CES (100 A, 15 Hz) markedly reduced gastric hypersecretion (50% – 75%) associated with shock avoidance behavior in these animals. The authors concluded that CES may be of clinical importance in acid hypersecretion in humans. There was no alteration in efficient behavioral performance during or after CES in these animals.