Reigel, D.H., Larson, Sanford J., Sances Jr., Anthony, Christman, Norbert, Dallmann, Donald and Henschel, Ernest O. Effects of electrosleep currents on gastric physiology. In Reynolds, David V. and Sjoberg, Anita (Eds.) Neuroelectric Research. Springfield, Charles Thomas. 24:226-229, 1971.

Gastric cannulas were placed in the dependent portion of the stomach of seven stump-tailed monkeys. After recovery from surgery, CES currents of 20 to 100 A, 2.5 to 70 Hz, were applied between the nasion and inion for periods of 1 hour. The maximal change in gastric secretion occurred during the last half of the 60 minute period of CES. The mean volume decreased 28.3%, the mean concentration decreased 38%, and acid production decreased 60%. Acid production returned to normal within 1 to 2 hours after CES. The authors found that nocturnal gastric acid levels without CES were similar to those during application of CES or during in-depth stimulation of various limbic structures, and concluded that these two types of stimulation may affect similar structures.