Pocta, J., Lebl, M. and Hanka, R. The autonomic and stress reactions during electrosleep. In Wageneder, F.M and St. Schuy (Eds) Electrotherapeutic Sleep and Electroanaesthesia. International Congress series, No. 136. Excerpta Medica Foundation, Amsterdam, Pp. 342-344, 1967.

The authors completed 45 experiments in dogs, saying that dogs are known to respond to exogenous stimuli by developing disturbances of the autonomic system. The oculocardiac reflex, the carotid sinus reflex, the solar plexus reflex, leukocyte count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, segmented cells, and eosinophil count were obtained. They found that CES elicited firm and reliable stabilization of the organism. No features of instability of the autonomic nervous system were observed.