Special Needs Animal Shelter Using Alpha-Stim to Give Rescued Animals a Second Chance

Alpha-Stim has been clinically proven to provide fast, safe and effective relief for humans—and it is also a great treatment option for animals! One animal shelter is using Alpha-Stim to help rehabilitate a dog with an unusual condition.

Animal Lifeline of Iowa is a no-kill, special needs shelter that was recently featured in the media for using Alpha-Stim as therapy for a 5-year-old Shih Tzu named Baxter who was unable to walk. His owner gave him to the shelter after a number of doctors claimed there was nothing that could be done to help Baxter walk again.

After treating with the Alpha-Stim for four and a half months, Martha Wittkowski, executive director of Animal Lifeline, told the local CBS affiliate in Des Moines that Baxter is showing “tremendous improvement” by standing, walking and even running, and he is getting closer to becoming a “normal dog” again.

The leading authority in veterinary microcurrent therapy who pioneered the protocols currently used on animals, Dr. Ava Frick, said this testimony is just one example of the ways in which she has seen Alpha-Stim help animals in need.

“This is a wonderful example of the power of the Alpha-Stim waveform and the healing potential of the body,” Dr. Frick said. “I have utilized this device for 17 years with paresis and paralysis, knee injuries, arthritis, wounds, sprains, neck and back pain, as well as anxiety, aggression, and misbehavior. I have all the tools and equipment a veterinary rehab clinic provides, but if I was told I could only have one to save or change the most lives, it would be Alpha-Stim.”

Alpha-Stim is FDA cleared to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression. The noninvasive, handheld device has been clinically proven to provide fast, safe and effective relief for animals. For over 35 years, millions around the world have found relief by using Alpha-Stim, even when nothing else has worked for them. There are 29 published animal studies on CES—showing positive results with no significant lasting side effects.

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