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From Immobile to Happy in Just 24 Hours: How Alpha-Stim Saved Mopsy

Animal lovers understand that pets are a part of the family. When they become sick or injured, it can be just as nerve wracking as if it were a parent, child, or sibling who is suffering. On top of that, our furry friends can’t use words to tell us what is wrong; it can be incredibly distressing to see them in pain and not know how to help. Fortunately, there are veterinarians who are amazing at what they do. Dr. Ava Frick, the leading authority in veterinary microcurrent therapy and the Veterinary Medical Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc. (EPI), [...]

Dr. Ava Frick and Alpha-Stim for Animals® Featured on ABC News

KATU2, Portland’s ABC News station, recently welcomed Dr. Ava Frick as a guest on Afternoon Live. Dr. Frick is the author of Conversations with Animals and the Veterinary Medical Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc. On the show, Dr. Frick talks about how Alpha-Stim® can be used to help pets with pain, stress, and anxiety. Dr. Frick discusses how Alpha-Stim can be used to treat all types animals – from llamas to birds and everything in between. Although the show described Alpha-Stim as a “new technology,” it has been improving lives since 1981 for humans and animals alike. Thanks to [...]

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Where Did My Humans Go? How to Decrease Stress in Pets Due to Changes in Your Schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the daily lives and routines of people everywhere – and it’s been stressful for our pets, too! As people start to return to work and their "normal" lives, pets may become confused and stressed First, our pets had to adapt to their families suddenly being home much more often. Not only that, but people started to look different, too, as face masks became a part of our new normal. Dogs and cats had no idea why we were suddenly donning these pieces of fabric on our faces – and [...]

Senior Dog, Once Paralyzed, Rebuilds His Muscle Function with the Help of Alpha-Stim

Aging can be a tough process for humans and animals alike. If you have a senior pet in your family, it can be heartbreaking to see their physical abilities deteriorate over time. You’d do anything to make sure your furry family member isn’t suffering. Pain is often thought to be a natural part of the aging process for pets - but it doesn’t have to be. Better still, you don’t have to resort to pain medications and all their potential side effects. There is another way to bring relief to your pets so they can live every single day to [...]

Heroic Goat Gets Better with the Help of Alpha-Stim

The bond between humans and the animals they care for is like no other. We often think of ourselves as the caretakers or the “parents” of our pets - we watch out for their safety and wellbeing, and we want the very best lives for them. But sometimes, the roles can be reversed - sometimes, our beloved pets are the ones who protect us. Dr. Ava Frick, Veterinary Medical Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc., was lucky enough to bear witness to one such story, and to care for a very heroic goat. Here, she relates the story:   [...]

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Feline Compulsive Disorder: How to Know When Your Cat’s Habits Are Driven by Anxiety and Stress, and What to do to Help

Cats: They’re just like us. Cats experience anxiety and stress just as acutely as humans can, although the ways they exhibit their distress can be subtle or downright confusing. You may have noticed certain behaviors in your cat without even realizing that they are signs of anxiety or stress. If you have observed your cat engaging in repetitive habits, he or she may be suffering from feline compulsive disorder. Is your cat grooming herself excessively? It may be a sign of anxiety. Feline compulsive disorder “involves abnormal, repetitive behavior that occurs without an apparent trigger when other physical [...]

Does a Trip to the Vet Strike Fear in Your Pet? Alpha-Stim Quells Anxiety, So You Can Get the Most out of Your Appointment

Trips to the vet can be scary for your pets, since they don't understand what's happening Just as humans might get nervous about visiting the doctor, animals can become distressed when they discover they are being taken to the vet. In fact, veterinarian anxiety is one of the most common anxieties experienced by dogs. A stressed and anxious pet will likely not be an easy patient – making the appointment a harrowing experience for both patient and veterinarian alike. Typically, as humans, we visit the doctor voluntarily – we schedule the appointment, we know where we are going, [...]

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Integrative Pain Management for Pets: Treating the Whole Animal, Body and Brain

When your pet is in pain, you want nothing more than to make him or her feel better as quickly as possible. It can be difficult to see our furry friends in pain - they become lethargic, apathetic, and can lose their zest for life. But you may be hesitant to resort to pain medications, which can have scary side effects that are sometimes worse than the pain itself. Your pets are part of your family; when they're in pain, you want them to feel better fast. Integrative medicine is a growing field in the veterinary world, and [...]

New Documentary Titled The Brain Electric Discusses How Alpha-Stim Saves Countless Animal Lives

The American Institute of Stress has released a new documentary, titled The Brain Electric: Healing Wave of the Future. The film, directed by Justin Smith, explores Alpha-Stim® technology and the ways in which it is being used worldwide by leading research organizations, the United Kingdom’s NHS, the U.S. Military, and others as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. WATCH NOW Alpha-Stim is an FDA cleared cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device proven to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. Its clinical and cost effectiveness, as well as its safety, surpasses that of medications, and it is backed by decades of [...]

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Prepare Your Dog for a Stressful Season of Thunder and Fireworks

Phobias are Common in Dogs; Alpha-Stim Can Help If you are a dog owner, you probably aren’t surprised that the two most common phobias in dogs are thunderstorms and fireworks. It makes sense that these loud noises would be upsetting because: our pets don’t understand where the deafening bangs are coming from, they don’t know how to make the scary sounds stop, and as a result they quickly become fearful, anxious, and distressed. Once a dog has been frightened by thunder or fireworks, he tends not to forget. “A fearful dog can tell when the barometric pressure starts to shift [...]

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Dr. Ava Frick Hosts Webinar on the Opioid Crisis in Veterinary Medicine

The opioid crisis that is running rampant in the United States has had a widespread impact on medical professionals and their patients – and not just human patients. Veterinary medicine has also been affected, and practitioners have had to adjust to the changes that have resulted from the public health crisis. Dr. Ava Frick, host of the webinar, is a pioneer in veterinary electroceuticals. She regularly uses Alpha-Stim to treat her patients. As a reaction to the overprescription and misuse of opioids among humans, Pfizer halted sales and shipments of injectable opioid drugs to veterinary clients in the [...]

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Prevalence of Suicides Among Veterinarians is on the Rise

The pressures of the medical profession are daunting, and they are not limited to practitioners of human medicine. New statistics reveal an alarming rate of suicides among veterinarians: the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association recently revealed that veterinarians are 3.5 times more likely to die by suicide than the average person. Being a veterinarian is both rewarding and incredibly stressful. According to an article in Time, these elevated suicide rates can be attributed to “long work hours, work overload, practice management responsibilities, client expectations and complaints, euthanasia procedures, and poor work-life balance. Studies have also [...]

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What are the Side Effects to Veterinary Medications for Anxiety, Depression & Pain?

If you have pets in your family, you probably already know that they’re a lot like we are in some ways. Just like humans, animals can experience happiness, excitement, and joy – and just like humans, they can also suffer from anxiety, depression, and pain. And because of that, they’re often prescribed medications to help treat their ailments, similar to the way humans are. One main difference between animals and their humans, however, is that our pets can’t tell us when their medications are making them feel sick or unwell. As it turns out, some commonly prescribed veterinary medications carry [...]

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Fetch in 50: A Dog and His Human Travel Across the Country Together

https://vimeo.com/291592853 In this short, heartwarming video, a dog named Gus and his human T.J. Olwig take a road trip across the country in an attempt to play fetch in all 50 states. Narrated from the point of view of Gus, the film is sure to resonate with and bring a smile to animal lovers and adventure-seekers everywhere. T.J. Olwig and his dog, Gus, traveled to all 50 states to play fetch in each one. Gus also happens to be a patient of Dr. Ava Frick, the Veterinary Medical Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc. (the makers of Alpha-Stim® [...]

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Veterinarians Have New Guidelines For Reducing Opioid Use in Animals with Pain

You have probably heard that the United States is in the midst of an opioid crisis. But did you know that it’s not just a problem for humans – and that animals suffering from pain are also frequently given these addictive drugs? The IVAPM, in tandem with the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia, published a white paper titled "Opioid-sparing pain therapy in animals: working task force". With the human opioid epidemic in the background, the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia and the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management joined forces to publish a white [...]

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Video: Dr. Ava Frick Demonstrates Alpha-Stim Smart Probe Pain Protocol

Dr. Ava Frick, Veterinary Medical Director of Electromedical Products, International, Inc., home of Alpha-Stim® technology, reviews pain treatment protocol for animals using the Smart Probes. She says that the protocol designed for applying Alpha-Stim microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) is just as important as the device's patented waveform. It's a five-step protocol that is the same for any part of the body.  The five steps are very simple and easy to master. Dr. Frick demonstrates the Big X pattern, which is the first step of the animal pain protocol. No matter where the problem is on your [...]

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Dr. Ava Frick to Hold Free Veterinary Seminar on Microcurrent Therapy

Mineral Wells, Texas – October 17, 2018 Dr. Ava Frick, Veterinary Medical Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc., and pioneer in the field of microcurrent therapy and integrative animal rehabilitation, will hold an educational seminar for veterinarians on the incorporation of Alpha-Stim® therapy in veterinary practices on Thursday, November 8th from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Renaissance Dallas-Richardson Hotel in Richardson, TX. Alpha-Stim is an FDA cleared, handheld medical device that treats pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression via microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) and cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). Lecture topics include: Introduction to Alpha-Stim and steps to successful use and implementation [...]

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Alpha-Stim® Technology Compared to TENS units, PEMF, and Lasers for Veterinary Medicine

Renowned veterinarian Dr. Ava Frick was recently asked by another veterinarian about the difference between Alpha-Stim and other technologies in the treatment of animals. Her response below explains the functioning and the indications of several different modalities. Therapeutic devices work via a combination of: Waveform (e.g., biphasic, sinusoidal or other), Amplitude (microamperes or milliamperes), Frequency (Hz). This works because cells also work within those parameters pending species, sex, age, diseases, scar tissue, whether sympathetic- or parasympathetic-dominant, hormones, etc.  You can better imagine how those 3 factors (wave, amplitude and frequency) affect you if you look at things in your daily life that [...]

  • Rexxi the GSD

Letter from a Grateful Owner of Dog with Separation Anxiety

The following is an email to Dr. Ava Frick, received September 1, 2018. My name is Deb Apted and about 13 years ago my vet, Dr Doug Pernicoff, sent me and my German Shepherd to meet with you. I'm not sure if you will remember Rexxi, but she suffered from severe separation anxiety. Severe. Dr Doug and his associates had done all they could for her and suggested we work with you and a behaviorist. We started the Alpha-Stim and some holistic medication. We worked long and hard together to find a balance. I think I sent you an update [...]

  • Dog with legs in wheelchair

Inspiring New Book Features Alpha-Stim® as Key to a Dog’s Recovery

Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work: Journey of a Down Dog is the remarkable true story about a golden retriever named Keegan and her two devoted humans, Travis and Renea Yates. After suffering a spinal stroke, Keegan was left paralyzed from the shoulders down – but Travis and Renea refused to give up hope that their beloved dog might walk again someday. The two embarked on a life-changing journey that tested their marriage, their patience, and their finances. Travis and Renea were committed to doing whatever it took to help Keegan leave behind her “down dog” status and learn [...]

Dr. Carrie Woodcock – Veterinarian Testimonial for Alpha-Stim

"Every patient with pain is treated with CES regardless of how we are treating the rest of the body. We pair CES with laser, pEMF, manual therapy or as a standalone treatment for painful and/or anxious patients. We use the probes for local, regional, and global pain relief and healing. We have used Alpha-Stim on everything from TPLOs to down dogs to wounds. It provides us with an additional option for pain relief in patients where laser is not an option. It allows us to attack pain and nerve conduction dysfunction from a different angle thus enhancing our multi-modal approach [...]

How Are Electroceuticals Used to Treat Pain?

Ava Frick, DVM, CVC, FAIS, chief of staff at Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic in Eureka, Missouri, explains how electroceuticals are used to treat pain and instances where it is most effective.  Video by American Veterinarian Electroceuticals, and microcurrent therapy, is also approved for use as a pain device. Some specific cases would be chronic arthritis, we could actually use it through a degenerative arthritic joint, one that has a lot of exostosis— that bone that's laid down where it shouldn't be. We can use it in referred pain, like a radiculopathy, where there might be pain in the [...]

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Electroceuticals: The Wave of the Future Is Now

Written by Ava Frick, DVM, CVC, FAIS, for American Veterinarian Increasingly, treatment for a host of conditions and ailments is based on electroceuticals rather than pharmaceuticals. Instead of prescriptions for chemical molecules, some doctors are prescribing specific frequencies, waveforms, and amplitudes for their patients. This is not science fiction—it's happening right now. It’s not really a stretch to see how this can be. Every day, car engines are started and doors are opened from a distance using a fob. This is made possible by matching frequency signals (waves) that are programmed to initiate a ligand–receptor type of reaction, allowing people [...]

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Alpha-Stim® is the Future of Veterinary Medicine

https://youtu.be/6BbJdKStdiI Ava Frick, DVM, CVC, FAIS is the chief of staff at the Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic in Eureka, Missouri. In the video above, she discusses the role of electroceuticals in treating pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia in animals. Electroceuticals, Dr. Frick explains, “are prescription medical devices in the United States that are used to emit a specific type of a frequency and waveform that can benefit the body by improving overall health.” Alpha-Stim® is one such device; it is an FDA cleared medical device that treats anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain in both humans and animals. Alpha-Stim [...]

Paralyzed Dog Walks Again After Alpha-Stim Treatments

Special Needs Animal Shelter Using Alpha-Stim to Give Rescued Animals a Second Chance Alpha-Stim has been clinically proven to provide fast, safe and effective relief for humans—and it is also a great treatment option for animals! One animal shelter is using Alpha-Stim to help rehabilitate a dog with an unusual condition. Animal Lifeline of Iowa is a no-kill, special needs shelter that was recently featured in the media for using Alpha-Stim as therapy for a 5-year-old Shih Tzu named Baxter who was unable to walk. His owner gave him to the shelter after a number of doctors claimed there [...]