The following is an email to Dr. Ava Frick, received September 1, 2018.

My name is Deb Apted and about 13 years ago my vet, Dr Doug Pernicoff, sent me and my German Shepherd to meet with you. I’m not sure if you will remember Rexxi, but she suffered from severe separation anxiety. Severe. Dr Doug and his associates had done all they could for her and suggested we work with you and a behaviorist. We started the Alpha-Stim and some holistic medication. We worked long and hard together to find a balance.

I think I sent you an update 6 years ago letting you know that Rexxi and I had found our routine. The anxiety never completely went away. I had limitations on how long she could be left and how many times a day she could tolerate me leaving her. But we figured it out, and she lived a great life.

Rexxi recovered from two ACL surgeries and enjoyed going to dog park every day of her life. She had a passion to run and play. And like most German Shepherds, her sole job was me. Routine was a necessity for her! So we did our best to keep our dailyschedule intact.

I’m so blessed that I rescued Rexxi and thankful for all the people that helped us find “our normal”.  She was a beautiful, faithful companion and I cherish every memory we made together.

Rexxi passed over the rainbow bridge 2 months shy of her 15 birthday. I just wanted to thank you for all your help in her early years with me. I’m not sure we would have shared the awesome life together had we not found your help.

I hope this email finds you well,  I’m truly grateful for your work.

Deb Apted

Rexxi at the pool