Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work: Journey of a Down Dog is the remarkable true story about a golden retriever named Keegan and her two devoted humans, Travis and Renea Yates. After suffering a spinal stroke, Keegan was left paralyzed from the shoulders down – but Travis and Renea refused to give up hope that their beloved dog might walk again someday. The two embarked on a life-changing journey that tested their marriage, their patience, and their finances.

Cover image of bookTravis and Renea were committed to doing whatever it took to help Keegan leave behind her “down dog” status and learn to walk again. After an unsatisfactory and dismal prognosis from a veterinary neurologist, Travis hunted high and low for a veterinarian who could actually help – and he was lucky to discover Dr. Ava Frick, “one of the pioneers in the field of animal rehabilitation,” and “the doctor [Travis and Renea] would put every ounce of faith and trust in to find a way to get Keegan walking again.”

At the first session, Dr. Frick evaluated Keegan’s condition and taught Travis and Renea some exercises to perform with Keegan at home to try to reestablish the connection between her legs and her brain. Dr. Frick’s team also introduced Alpha-Stim® at the first visit, showing the couple “how to use the probes along Keegan’s neck, spine, and paws, spending 30 seconds in each location.”

In all, Travis and Renea had about three hours of rehabilitation work to perform at home with Keegan each day. Alpha-Stim treatments, along with rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic care, were instrumental in getting Keegan back on her feet.

Some chapters of Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work are written from the perspective of Keegan herself, expressing her dismay over losing control of her body or excitement over her progress. In one such passage, she refers to her Alpha-Stim treatment, saying “That’s where my nerve endings from my brain to the parts of my body that don’t work so well are remapped using tiny electrical impulses. I don’t feel any pain when they do my therapy. I really like the ear clip part. I feel really relaxed after that is done and normally take a nap.”

Dog in a wheelchair

Keegan in her wheelchair

“Alpha-Stim was key to [Keegan’s] recovery and as the story rolls out, this fact is brought to light,” says Dr. Ava Frick. A pioneer in treating animals with microcurrent therapy, she was an apt expert to have composed the foreword to this inspiring story. Her implementation of Alpha-Stim therapy from day one is a testament to her trust in its effectiveness.

While the 167-page book is an easy and enjoyable read, Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, inventor of the Alpha-Stim, says “It’s hard to read this without emotion.” He was impressed by the tale of Keegan and her owners, and deemed it “a giant step for dogkind.”

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Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.