Ava Frick, DVM, CVC, FAIS is the chief of staff at the Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic in Eureka, Missouri. In the video above, she discusses the role of electroceuticals in treating pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia in animals.

Electroceuticals, Dr. Frick explains, “are prescription medical devices in the United States that are used to emit a specific type of a frequency and waveform that can benefit the body by improving overall health.”

Alpha-Stim® is one such device; it is an FDA cleared medical device that treats anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain in both humans and animals. Alpha-Stim uses a patented waveform to deliver microcurrents through Earclip Electrodes (for anxiety, insomnia, and depression) as well as two handheld Smart Probes (for treatment of pain directly at the site.)

When Dr. Frick first began her quest for a better way to treat pain in animals, rather than the medications that were commonly prescribed at the time, she began to attend conferences on pain in humans, hoping to apply what she learned in the veterinary world.

It wasn’t until 2000 that Dr. Frick was introduced to microcurrent therapy, but for the past 18 years she has researched the technology extensively and has developed protocol for the treatment of pain in animals.

Image of dog wearing Alpha-Stim EarclipsAccording to Dr. Frick, there are multiple reasons that electroceuticals will become more common in the treatment of animals:

  1. Pet owners want more options for helping their animals
  2. Medications come with side effects, and people do not want to subject their pets to those risks
  3. The opioid crisis will play a role in the acceptance and use of electroceuticals in the animal market, as it has done in the human market

Alpha-Stim is fast, safe, and effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain in animals. It has been used successfully in many species of animals, from rats to horses, guinea pigs to cows, and everything in between. Alpha-Stim is the most popular medical device used for the at-home treatment of animals. It is recommended by Dr. Frick herself, the leading authority in animal microcurrent therapy.

If your beloved pet is suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression, or pain, he or she deserves relief supported by experts and backed by clinical research. Don’t wait – get started today!