The beauty of Alpha-Stim® is that it is beneficial even at a sub-sensory level (below recognition or awareness by the nerves).  That means as long as you use it per the protocols for the specific animal species and age, there is nothing felt.  Just the benefit of feeling better.

There are a few simple steps to ensure compliance.

  1. Do the treatment at a typically quiet time of day. Not right before eating or when activity would be happening.
  2. Turn the device on, and then reduce the sensitivity to zero.Place the wetted clips on the ears close to head.  Allow up to 20 seconds for acclimation to the ear clips without any current turned up.
  3. Gradually turn up the intensity.  Slowly rising every 10 seconds until at the desired setting is reached.  Cats and horses at 1 to 1.5, Dogs 1.5 to 2, rarely as high.If do set at a 3 it will need to be reduced in a few minutes as the barriers are reduced. For younger animals keep setting lower (1 to 1.5) as they perceive it earlier.
  4. Sit with them and enjoy some 1-on-1 time together.  You can pet or brush or massage for 20 minutes.

It is impossible to ever create any damage to your animal with Alpha-Stim when you follow the protocols.  When treating for pain, if you were doing the application over the wrong area, then obviously he would not improve.  This is why it is important to know the exact area of the problem.  With that information, you can use the device and protocols and improvements will occur.

This depends on what you are treating.  For severe separation anxiety it can take a month in some to see a consistent gain.  For others there are changes within 1 to 2 applications.  For a dog with severe nerve dysfunction there could be obvious improvement within 14 days, or it could take weeks.  For chronic arthritis we usually see better function within a week, but there are more gains to be achieved as the therapy is continued.  It is cumulative and long lasting, so it builds on each previous treatment.

It is recommended to do treatments 8 hours apart. This allows the cells to respond and change between successive applications.  In some severe cases of pain and anxiety or aggression, more may be better.  Give longer sessions or 3 per day.  Watch then for the signal that improvements have happened and gradually wean off.  For severe neck or back pain we will shave the fur and apply the A-S Trodes across the spine and run 24 hours a day until the pain subsides and the patient is comfortable and able to move.  This could be 3 to 7 days on average.

Alpha-Stim® and TENS are scheduled by the FDA as microcurrent devices. They both run on a battery. But from there they are quite different. TENS is run on a microcurrent amperage level which is 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the miliamperes of Alpha-Stim.TENS is outside normal body electrical levels. TENS is a nonspecific wave.Alpha-Stim has a proprietary wave form that is the key to its success in treatment, including killing bacteria. TENS is designed to briefly change muscle programming and alter the nerve input signals to the brain. Alpha-Stim works with the body to stimulate endorphins, serotonin, cumulative pain relief, and healing. TENS does none of those effects. TENS is not approved for use above the shoulders. Has only short term effect. And most individuals over time develop a resistance to it.